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  • Photographer / Director

    represented by

    Amy Zimmerman
    & Jamie Appelbaum
    Beyond Creative Mgmt.
    917 532 7665


    617 513 5513



    I love telling stories with pictures.

    My background is in documentary image-making and my commercial work today is still all about feeling and always maintaining that sense of connection, honesty, and authenticity - imagery that brings us together in the human experience. This is incredibly fulfilling.

    I am a problem solver. Especially during current times this has never been more important. We always keep safety as our absolute highest priority, always, and currently we're in the process of compiling a complete library of location and talent resources in my amazing neighborhood, in the smallest state in the U.S., out on a point of land, surrounded by the ocean. With many beautiful properties and families, dogs in almost every one (including my own), my digitech/1st asst. and an amazing prop/wardrobe stylist both living less than a mile away, and a top national producer less than 10 miles away, we're able to make shoots happen locally that are safe and top-quality. We know our clients count on us 100% and that's what we always bring. Now we've learned to adapt and just make it happen much closer to home...

    I always bring my A-game to each project, but for me, it's never about that one project, it's about creating so many great visuals and such an awesome experience that clients want to keep coming back for more.

    We definitely didn't go into photography and directing for the awards (at all) but some industry recognition we've received so far has been; Archive's 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020, Multiple CA & Graphis awards, and numerous Addy's along the way.

    I've tried to show a sampling of my work on the site, if it speaks to you, let's connect. Our studio (on our property) is about 2.5 hours north of NYC and about 15 minutes outside of Providence, RI. We have the option of remote on-set viewing for creatives and client for location or studio shooting. With a 1000 sq ft natural light shooting space, there's also a sleeping loft, full bath, amazing outdoor wooden hot tub, and Georgia, the best dog ever, we've happily had our share of creatives spend nights here if we have very early starts, or these days, as preference over a hotel.

    I am constantly shooting personal projects and as you look over imagery on the site please note that many of the images were created with just myself and the talent. While I absolutely love shooting with a large crew, my background in documentary taught me how to make the very best of any situation, with minimal crew, and I truly love working this way when the project allows.

    FAVS: sushi, coffee, hot tubs, sun, rain, family, friends, natural light, exploring, DOGS(!!!), oceans, working with great creative people, and remembering to be thankful.

    I hope we get the chance to collaborate over an early morning cuppa, a glass of single malt, or ZOOM :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Best, RS

    Clients Include
    • aarp.
    • aetna.
    • american express.
    • ameriprise.
    • astra-zeneca.
    • bayer.
    • beringer vineyards.
    • berkshire hathaway.
    • blackrock investments.
    • bonita bay properties.
    • chevy.
    • chevron.
    • chase bank.
    • cvs.
    • discovery channel.
    • dolby labs.
    • dupont.
    • eddie bauer.
    • employers insurance.
    • fidelity investments.
    • four seasons resorts.
    • ford.
    • gm.
    • gilead pharmaceutical.
    • hartford insurance.
    • h-p.
    • hyatt.
    • ibm.
    • imanta resorts.
    • johnson & johnson.
    • justin boots.
    • liberty mutual.
    • ll bean.
    • luxottica.
    • mercedes.
    • merck.
    • metlife.
    • microsoft.
    • national geographic.
    • nescafe.
    • nike.
    • novartis.
    • pbs.
    • pfizer.
    • range rover.
    • revo.
    • robson properties.
    • rolling stone.
    • sanofi-aventis.
    • sears.
    • shell.
    • sports illustrated.
    • symantec.
    • tate & lyle.
    • touchstone energy.
    • transitions lenses.
    • travel & leisure.
    • tyco healthcare.
    • united health.
    • u.s. postal service.
    • u.s. trust.
    • vanity fair.
    • verizon.
    • vonage.
    • whole foods.