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issue no. 24 / fall 2012
commercial photographer:

Marc Tule

X10 Front of Box


Andrew Glendinning, Creative Director
Takayuki Kitahara, Art Director

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NEW motion / videography campaigns
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Sony / Marc Tule
Teva / Dwight Eschliman
Victorinox Fragrance / Michael Nager
Four Seasons / Robb Aaron Gordon
Nissan / Toshi Oku
Nike / William Huber
KOGENATE / Paul Aresu
RAM Trucks / Andy Mahr
Acura / Brian Garland
Emirates / Adam Taylor
Day of Difference / Sean Izzard
Resource Waters / Erik Almas
Citizen Watches / Paul Aresu
Patina Flooring Company / Ann Cutting
Lend Lease / Ian + Erick = Tungsten
Enbridge / Peter Leverman
Honda / Toshi Oku
Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau / Alex Martinez
Subaru / Toshi Oku
Unilever / Kiyoshi Togashi
Titleist Golf / Craig Orsini
Oakley / RJ Muna
Russell Athletics / Andy Mahr
Black & Decker / Thomas Chadwick
Oakley / Rod McLean
Coach / Daymion Mardel
Nike / Daniel Root
Baskin Robbins / Michael Indresano
Salomon / Scott Markewitz
Starwood Hotels / David Arky
Unilever / Kiyoshi Togashi
Oakley / RJ Muna
Ford Warriors In Pink / Robb Aaron Gordon
Reebok / Rod McLean
NBC Entertainment / Sandro
Nike / Simon Harsent
Honda / Toshi Oku
Lexus / Brian Garland
Schweppes / Simon Harsent
Oaklawn / Dave Anderson
Columbia / Marc Tule
Xbox / Robb Aaron Gordon
Koppen / Dick’s Sporting Goods / Eric Kiel
Scion Brand / Bill Cash
UPS / Sandro
Chase / Michael Prince
The Electra Bicycle Company / Brian Kuhlmann
Mastercard / Patrick Molnar
Whirlpool / Mark Wiens
Hadleigh's / Fredrik Brodén
Martin Guitar / Jimmy Williams
Cox Communications / Roy Ritchie
Amway Worldwide / Michael Nager
Schwinn / Jonathan Chapman
Nissan Global / Mike Powell
ThedaCare / Michael Moore
The Bishop Strachan School / Normand Robert
Parker Hannifin / Alex Martinez
Farmers Dairy / Tyler Gray
Starbucks Coffee Company / Annabelle Breakey
Toyo Tires / Andy Mahr
Restorsea / Sacco and Watt
GSW / Jim Hughes
Squadra Cycling / Frank Schott
FPLQ / Normand Robert
Barre Works / Raina+Wilson
PECO / Chris Crisman
Halo / Krovblit
Emblem Healthcare / Michael Prince
The Goodman Theatre / Brian Kuhlmann
Degree / Simon Harsent
Piedmont Healthcare / Patrick Molnar
Salesforce / Chris Crisman
Pitney Bowes & Imagitas / William Huber
Blue Buffalo / Lennette Newell
Bobbi Brown / Daymion Mardel
P&G - Secret / Mike Powell
Ally Bank / Clint Blowers
Waters Corporation / Michael Indresano
Method / Annabelle Breakey
Nickelodeon Mom / Dan Saelinger
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf / Trevor Pearson
Amway / Kiyoshi Togashi
Huggies/Kimberly-Clark / Evan Kafka
PUMA / Michael Indresano
American Society of Media Photographers / Jimmy Williams
Salomon / Scott Markewitz
Au Bon Pain / Jim Scherer
Imation / Jonathan Chapman
PTC Software / Craig Orsini
Van Heusen / Daymion Mardel
Orville Redenbacher / Raina+Wilson
Blue Buffalo / Lennette Newell
Publix Super Markets / Lisa Adams
The Goodman Theatre / Brian Kuhlmann
SDP National / William Huber
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta / Eric Schmidt
Reviver / Dana Hursey
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta / Michael Prince
Hadleigh's / Fredrik Brodén
Amerigroup Corp. Healthcare / Beth Perkins
Viking Footwear / Vegard Breie
Eco Power / Michael Moore
Menchie's / Dana Hursey
TAB / Sean Izzard
Manhattan Beach Wine Auction / Trevor Pearson
PZ Cussons / Evan Kafka
Exmark / Bill Cash
Sara Weinstock / Thierry Bearzatto
UMB / Ron Berg
Bank of Montreal / Raina+Wilson
Navistar / Roy Ritchie